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Health System Change:

The View from Wall Street
Winter 1995 Joy Grossman  

Monitoring Market Change: Findings from the Community Tracking Study:

Health Plan Competition in Local Markets
April 2000 Joy Grossman  

Managed Care and Physicians' Provision of Charity Care

March 24-31, 1999 Joy Grossman  

Blue Plans: Playing the Blues No More

January 23, 2002 Joy Grossman  

Health System Change in Orange County, California

Round One Site Visit
September 1997 Case Study Joy Grossman  

Health System Change in Indianapolis, Indiana

Round One Site Visit
September 1997 Case Study Joy Grossman  

San Diego: Health Care Providers Expand Capacity as Competition Increases for Well-Insured Patients

January 2013 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Joy Grossman  

San Francisco Bay Area: Health Care Providers Shift Allegiances as Regional Networks Emerge

December 2012 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Joy Grossman  

Fresno: Health Providers Expand Capacity, but Health Reform Preparation Lags

December 2012 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Joy Grossman  

Sacramento: Health Providers Collaborate and Weather Economic Downturn

September 2012 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Joy Grossman  

Arranged Marriages: The Evolution of ACO Partnerships in California

September 2013 CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief Joy Grossman  

Capacity Expands in Unrestrained Market:

Little Rock, Arkansas
Winter 1999 Community Report No. 04 Joy Grossman  

HMO Model Shaken but Remains Intact

Orange County, Calif.
Summer 2001 Community Report No. 09 Joy Grossman  

Market in Turmoil as Physician Organizations Stumble:

Orange County, California
Spring 1999 Community Report No. 10 Joy Grossman  

Little Rock Providers Vie for Revenues, as High Health Care Costs Continue

July 2005 Community Report No. 3 Joy Grossman  

Lansing's Dominant Hospital, Health Plan Strengthen Market Positions

March 2011 Community Report No. 7 Joy Grossman  

Lansing's Calm Health Care Market Belies Increased Competition, Economic Doldrums

October 2005 Community Report No. 8 Joy Grossman  

Most Medicare Outpatient Visits are to Physicians with Limited Clinical Information Technology

July 2005 Data Bulletin No. 30 Joy Grossman  

Growing Availability of Clinical Information Technology in Physician Practices

June 2006 Data Bulletin No. 31 Joy Grossman  

Physicians Slow to Adopt Patient E-mail

September 2006 Data Bulletin No. 32 Joy Grossman  

Clinical Information Technology Adoption Varies Across Physician Specialties

September 2007 Data Bulletin No. 34 Joy Grossman  

Creating Sustainable Local Health Information Exchanges: Can Barriers to Stakeholder Participation be Overcome?

February 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 2 Joy Grossman  

Physician Practices, E-Prescribing and Accessing Information to Improve Prescribing Decisions

May 2011 HSC Research Brief No. 20 Joy Grossman  

Clinical Information Technology Gaps Persist Among Physicians

November 2006 Issue Brief No. 106 Joy Grossman  

Despite Regulatory Changes, Hospitals Cautious in Helping Physicians Purchase Electronic Medical Records

September 2008 Issue Brief No. 123 Joy Grossman  

Electronic Medical Records and Communication with Patients and Other Clinicians: Are We Talking Less?

April 2010 Issue Brief No. 131 Joy Grossman  

Even When Physicians Adopt E-Prescribing, Use of Advanced Features Lags

July 2010 Issue Brief No. 133 Joy Grossman  

Physicians Slow to E-mail Routinely with Patients

October 2010 Issue Brief No. 134 Joy Grossman  

Key Findings from HSC's 2010 Site Visits

Health Care Markets Weather Economic Downturn, Brace for Health Reform
May 2011 Issue Brief No. 135 Joy Grossman  

Consumers Face Higher Costs As Health Plans Seek to Control Drug Spending

November 2001 Issue Brief No. 45 Joy Grossman  

Physicians More Likely to Face Quality Incentives than Incentives That May Restrain Care

January 2002 Issue Brief No. 48 Joy Grossman  

Reversal of Fortune: Medicare+Choice Collides with Market Forces

May 2002 Issue Brief No. 52 Joy Grossman  

Patient Cost-Sharing Innovations: Promises and Pitfalls

January 2004 Issue Brief No. 75 Joy Grossman  

For-Profit Conversions and Merger Trends Among Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Plans

January 2004 Issue Brief No. 76 Joy Grossman  

Preferred Provider Organizations and Medicare: Is There an Advantage?

April 2004 Issue Brief No. 81 Joy Grossman  

Limited Information Technology for Patient Care in Physician Offices

September 2004 Issue Brief No. 89 Joy Grossman  

Transmitting and Processing Electronic Prescriptions: Experiences of Physician Practices and Pharmacies

Nov. 21, 2011 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Are Electronic Medical Records Helpful for Care Coordination? Experiences of Physician Practices

Dec. 29, 2009 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

A Longitudinal Perspective on Health Plan-Provider Risk Contracting

July/August 2002 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

An Empty Toolbox? Changes in Health Plans' Approaches for Managing Costs and Care

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Medicare Contracting Risk/Medicare Risk Contracting: A Life-Cycle View from Twelve Markets

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

As the Health Insurance Underwriting Cycle Turns: What Next?

November/December 2004 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Geography and Destiny: Local-Market Perspectives on Developing Medicare Advantage Regional Plans

July/August 2005 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

When the Price Isn't Right: How Inadvertent Payment Incentives Drive Medical Care

Aug. 9, 2005 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Hospital-Physician Portals: The Role of Competition in Driving Clinical Data Exchange

November/December 2006 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Physicians' Experience Using Commercial E-Prescribing Systems

April 3, 2007 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Hospitalists and Care Transitions: The Divorce of Inpatient and Outpatient Care

September/October 2008 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Information Gap: Can Health Insurer Personal Health Records Meet Patients' and Physicians' Needs?

March/April 2009 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Does Telemonitoring of Patients—The eICU—Improve Intensive Care?

Aug. 20, 2009 Journal Article Joy Grossman  

Physicians Moving to Mid-Sized, Single-Specialty Practices

August 2007 Tracking Report No. 18 Joy Grossman  


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