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Insurance Coverage & Costs

HSC analyses focus on private and public insurance coverage, the uninsured and the cost of health care. HSC research provides insight into a range of topics, including how health care costs are changing, why the nation's number of uninsured continues to rise and how employer-sponsored coverage is changing.

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Title Date Document Info  
Putting the Union Label on Health Benefits: Collective Bargaining and Cost-Saving StrategiesAmanda E. Lechner, Kevin Draper May 2014
NIHCR Research Brief No. 15
Inpatient Hospital Prices Drive Spending Variation for Episodes of Care for Privately Insured PatientsChapin White, James D. Reschovsky, Amelia M. Bond February 2014
NIHCR Research Brief No. 14
Understanding Differences Between High- and Low-Price Hospitals: Implications for Efforts to Rein In CostsChapin White, James D. Reschovsky, Amelia M. Bond Jan. 29, 2014
Journal Article
Health Affairs
The Potential of Reference Pricing to Generate Health Care Savings: Lessons from a California PioneerAmanda E. Lechner, Rebecca Gourevitch, Paul B. Ginsburg December 2013
HSC Research Brief No. 30
Despite Rapid Growth, Retail Clinic Use Remains ModestHa T. Tu, Ellyn R. Boukus November 2013
HSC Research Brief No. 29
When Medicare Cuts Hospital Prices, Seniors Use Less Inpatient CareChapin White, Tracy Yee October 2013
Journal Article
Health Affairs
How Do Hospitals Cope with Sustained Slow Growth in Medicare Prices?Chapin White, Vivian Yalin Wu Oct. 1, 2013
Journal Article
Health Services Research
If the Price is Right, Most Uninsured—Even Young Invincibles—Likely to Consider New Health Insurance MarketplacesPeter J. Cunningham, Amelia M. Bond September 2013
HSC Research Brief No. 28
High and Varying Prices for Privately Insured Patients Underscore Hospital Market PowerChapin White, Amelia M. Bond, James D. Reschovsky September 2013
HSC Research Brief No. 27
Using Science to Shape Medicare Physician PaymentPaul B. Ginsburg Aug. 12, 2013
Journal Article
JAMA Internal Medicine
High Physician Concern About Malpractice Risk Predicts More Aggressive Diagnostic Testing In Office-Based PracticeEmily Carrier, James D. Reschovsky, David Katz, Michelle M. Mello August 2013
Journal Article
Health Affairs
The Surge in Urgent Care Centers: Emergency Department Alternative or Costly Convenience?Tracy Yee, Amanda E. Lechner, Ellyn R. Boukus July 2013
HSC Research Brief No. 26
High Prices, Low Transparency: The Bitter Pill of Health Care CostsPaul B. Ginsburg June 18, 2013
Senate Testimony
Improving Access to Specialty Care for Medicaid Patients: Policy Issues and OptionsLaurie E. Felland, Amanda E. Lechner, Anna Sommers June 2013
Commonwealth Fund Report
Contrary to Cost-Shift Theory, Lower Medicare Hospital Payment Rates for Inpatient Care Lead to Lower Private Payment RatesChapin White May 2013
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Achieving Health Care Cost Containment Through Provider Payment Reform that Engages Patients and ProvidersPaul B. Ginsburg May 2013
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Hospital Quality Reporting: Separating the Signal from the NoiseEmily Carrier, Dori A. Cross April 2013
NIHCR Policy Analysis No. 11
Medicare Spending Limits: Issues and ImplicationsChapin White March 26, 2013
Kaiser Family Foundation Report
Employer-Sponsored Insurance and Health Reform: Doing the MathJean M. Abraham, Peter Graven, Roger Feldman December 2012
NIHCR Research Brief No. 11
High-Intensity Primary Care: Lessons for Physician and Patient EngagementTracy Yee, Amanda E. Lechner, Emily Carrier October 2012
NIHCR Research Brief No. 9

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