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HSC research on the individual insurance market focuses on those who purchase their own coverage, including the self-employed, early retirees and others without access to employer-sponsored coverage. Research focuses on the adequacy of this market for those living with chronic conditions or who are otherwise in poor health.

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Title Date Document Info  
Medical Bill Problems Steady for U.S. Families, 2007-2010Anna Sommers, Peter J. Cunningham December 2011
Tracking Report No. 28
Promoting Healthy Competition in Health Insurance Exchanges: Options and Trade-offsChapin White November 2011
NIHCR Policy Analysis No. 6
Individual Insurance: Health Insurers Try to Tap Potential Market GrowthElizabeth A. November, Genna R. Cohen, Paul B. Ginsburg, Brian C. Quinn November 2009
HSC Research Brief No. 14
Financial and Health Burdens of Chronic Conditions GrowHa T. Tu, Genna R. Cohen April 2009
Tracking Report No. 24
Consumer-Directed Health Care: Promise and PerformanceJames C. Robinson, Paul B. Ginsburg Jan. 27, 2009
Journal Article
Health Affairs
More Nonelderly Americans Face Problems Affording Prescription DrugsLaurie E. Felland, James D. Reschovsky January 2009
Tracking Report No. 22
Massachusetts Health Reform: High Costs and Expanding Expectations May Weaken Employer SupportDebra A. Draper, Laurie E. Felland, Allison Liebhaber, Johanna Lauer October 2008
Issue Brief No. 124
Massachusetts Health Reform: Employers, Lower-Wage Workers and Universal CoverageLaurie E. Felland, Debra A. Draper, Allison Liebhaber July 2007
Issue Brief No. 113
What High-Deductible Plans Look Like: Findings from a National Survey of Employers, 2005Gary Claxton, Jon R. Gabel, Isadora Gil, Jeremy D. Pickreign, Heidi H. Whitmore, Benjamin Finder, Shada Rouhani, Samantha Hawkins, Diane Rowland Sept. 14, 2005
Journal Article
Health Affairs
The Effect of Tax Credits for Nongroup Insurance on Health Spending by the UninsuredJames D. Reschovsky, Jack Hadley Feb. 25, 2004
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Tax-free But of Little AccountPaul B. Ginsburg Feb. 16, 2004
Health and the Cost of Nongroup InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky Fall 2003
Journal Article
The Individual Health Insurance Market December 2002
Issue Brief No. 58
Individual Health Insurance: Fact, Opinion and Policy October 23, 2002
Conference Transcript
Ensuring Health Security: Is the Individual Market Ready for Prime Time?Karen Pollitz, Richard Sorian Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
The Nongroup Health Insurance Market: Short on Facts, Long on Opinions and Policy DisputesMark V. Pauly, Len M. Nichols Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
Tax Credits and the Affordability of Individual Health InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky July 2002
Issue Brief No. 53
Supplementary Data
Stand-Alone Health Insurance Tax Credits Aren't EnoughLeslie A. Jackson, Sally Trude July 2001
Issue Brief No. 41
Tax Credits and Purchasing Pools: Will This Marriage Work?Sally Trude, Paul B. Ginsburg April 2001
Issue Brief No. 36
How to Make Tax Credits for Health Insurance Work: The Role of Purchasing Pools April 10, 2001
Conference Transcript

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