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Health Care Markets

Ultimately, all health care is organized and delivered at ground level-in local communities-where HSC collects information about the changing health system. HSC research provides perspectives on the role of employers/consumers, health plans, hospitals and physicians in local health care markets.

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Economic Downturn Strains Miami Health Care SystemJon B. Christianson, Amelia M. Bond, Emily Carrier, Peter J. Cunningham, Divya R. Samuel, Lucy B. Stark September 2011
Community Report No. 11
Rising Hospital Employment of Physicians: Better Quality, Higher Costs?Ann S. O'Malley, Amelia M. Bond, Robert A. Berenson August 2011
Issue Brief No. 136
Physicians Key to Health Maintenance Organization Popularity in Orange CountyLaurie E. Felland, Genna R. Cohen, Paul B. Ginsburg, Elizabeth A. November, Ha T. Tu, Tracy Yee August 2011
Community Report No. 10
Syracuse Health Care Market Works to Right-Size Hospital CapacityHa T. Tu, Robert A. Berenson, Dori A. Cross, Ian Hill, Caroleen W. Quach, Divya R. Samuel August 2011
Community Report No. 9
Economic Downturn Slows Phoenix's Once-Booming Health Care MarketAaron Katz, Robert A. Berenson, Gary Claxton, Marisa K. Dowling, Caroleen W. Quach, Divya R. Samuel July 2011
Community Report No. 8
Key Findings from HSC's 2010 Site VisitsLaurie E. Felland, Joy M. Grossman, Ha T. Tu May 2011
Issue Brief No. 135
Health Care Certificate-of-Need Laws: Policy or Politics?Tracy Yee, Lucy B. Stark, Amelia M. Bond, Emily Carrier May 2011
NIHCR Research Brief No. 4
Lansing's Dominant Hospital, Health Plan Strengthen Market PositionsHa T. Tu, Grace Anglin, Dori A. Cross, Laurie E. Felland, Joy M. Grossman, Lucy B. Stark March 2011
Community Report No. 7
Greenville & Spartanburg: Surging Hospital Employment of Physicians Poses Opportunities and ChallengesAnn S. O'Malley, Grace Anglin, Amelia M. Bond, Peter J. Cunningham, Lucy B. Stark, Tracy Yee February 2011
Community Report No. 6
Little Rock Health Care Safety Net Stretched by Economic DownturnJon B. Christianson, Emily Carrier, Marisa K. Dowling, Ian Hill, Ralph C. Mayrell, Tracy Yee January 2011
Community Report No. 5
Northern New Jersey Health Care Market Reflects Urban-Suburban ContrastsLaurie E. Felland, Grace Anglin, Amelia M. Bond, Gary Claxton, Ann S. O'Malley, Caroleen W. Quach December 2010
Community Report No. 4
Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost ConcernsIan Hill, Robert A. Berenson, Jon B. Christianson, Marisa K. Dowling, Ralph C. Mayrell, Tracy Yee December 2010
Community Report No. 3
Cleveland Hospital Systems Expand Despite Weak EconomyAaron Katz, Amelia M. Bond, Emily Carrier, Elizabeth Docteur, Caroleen W. Quach, Tracy Yee September 2010
Community Report No. 2
State Reform Dominates Boston Health Care Market DynamicsHa T. Tu, Marisa K. Dowling, Laurie E. Felland, Paul B. Ginsburg, Ralph C. Mayrell September 2010
Community Report No. 1
The Economic Recession: Early Impacts on Health Care Safety Net ProvidersLaurie E. Felland, Peter J. Cunningham, Genna R. Cohen, Elizabeth A. November, Brian C. Quinn January 2010
HSC Research Brief No. 15
Individual Insurance: Health Insurers Try to Tap Potential Market GrowthElizabeth A. November, Genna R. Cohen, Paul B. Ginsburg, Brian C. Quinn November 2009
HSC Research Brief No. 14
General Hospitals, Specialty Hospitals and Financially Vulnerable PatientsAnn Tynan, Elizabeth A. November, Johanna Lauer, Hoangmai H. Pham, Peter Cram April 2009
HSC Research Brief No. 11
Massachusetts Health Reform: High Costs and Expanding Expectations May Weaken Employer SupportDebra A. Draper, Laurie E. Felland, Allison Liebhaber, Johanna Lauer October 2008
Issue Brief No. 124
Despite Regulatory Changes, Hospitals Cautious in Helping Physicians Purchase Electronic Medical RecordsJoy M. Grossman, Genna R. Cohen September 2008
Issue Brief No. 123
A Health Plan Work in Progress: Hospital-Physician Price and Quality TransparencyAnn Tynan, Allison Liebhaber, Paul B. Ginsburg August 2008
HSC Research Brief No. 7

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