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HSC Commentaries are written periodically by HSC researchers as observations of different aspects of the country's changing health care system.

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Title Date Document Info  
"Bundling" Payment for Episodes of Hospital Care: Issues and Recommendations for the New Pilot Program in Medicare July 18, 2011 Commentary  
A Decade of Tracking Health System Change March 2006 Commentary No. 2  
Controlling Health Care Costs Oct. 14, 2004 Commentary  
Efficiency and Quality: The Role of Controlling Health Care Cost Growth in Health Care Reform June 3, 2009 Commentary  
Health Care Quality Transparency: If You Build It, Will Patients Come? July 2009 Commentary No. 4  
Physician Performance Measurement: A Key to Higher Quality and Lower Cost Growth or a Lost Opportunity? June 2009 Commentary No. 3  
Politics and Policy of Comparative Effectiveness: Looking Back, Looking Ahead June 24, 2010 Mathematica Issue Brief  
Private Payer Roles in moving to More Efficient Health Spending March 15, 2007 Book Chapter  
Provider Payment Incentives and Delivery System Reform October 2008 Book Chapter  
Tax-free But of Little Account Feb. 16, 2004 Commentary  
The Health Care Cost-Coverage Conundrum Fall 2003 Annual Essay 2002-03  
Working at Cross Purposes: Health Care Expansions May Jumpstart Local Economies but Fuel Nation's Fiscal Woes August 2011 Commentary No. 5  
Displaying items 1 to 12 of 12             [1]

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