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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

State Reform Dominates Boston Health Care Market Dynamics

September 2010 Community Report No. 1 Marisa Dowling  

Indianapolis Hospital Systems Compete for Well-Insured, Suburban Patients

December 2011 Community Report No. 12 Marisa Dowling  

Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost Concerns

December 2010 Community Report No. 3 Marisa Dowling  

Little Rock Health Care Safety Net Stretched by Economic Downturn

January 2011 Community Report No. 5 Marisa Dowling  

Economic Downturn Slows Phoenix's Once-Booming Health Care Market

July 2011 Community Report No. 8 Marisa Dowling  

Care Coordination Agreements: Barriers, Facilitators and Lessons Learned

November 2012 Journal Article Marisa Dowling  

Hospitals' Geographic Expansion in Quest of Well-Insured Patients: Will the Outcome be Better Care, More Cost, or Both?

April 2012 Journal Article Marisa Dowling  


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