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Private Coverage

HSC research examines trends in private insurance coverage—both employer-sponsored group coverage and non-group, or individual, coverage.

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Title Date Document Info  
Do Consumers Know How Their Health Plan Works?Peter J. Cunningham, Charles Denk, Michael Sinclair March/April 2001
Health Affairs
Employer Health Insurance Premium Subsidies Unlikely to Enhance Coverage SignificantlyJames D. Reschovsky, Jack Hadley December 2001
Issue Brief No. 46
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance:Sally Trude, Jon B. Christianson, Cara S. Lesser, Carolyn A. Watts, Andrea Staiti January/February 2002
Health Affairs
Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance: Down but Not OutJon B. Christianson, Ha T. Tu, Divya R. Samuel October 2011
Issue Brief No. 137
Employers Shift Rising Health Care Costs to Workers: No Long-term Solution in SightLydia E. Regopoulos, Sally Trude May 2004
Issue Brief No. 83
Employers' Views on Incremental Measures to Expand Health CoverageHeidi H. Whitmore, Sara R. Collins, Jon R. Gabel, Jeremy D. Pickreign November/December 2006
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Ensuring Health Security: Is the Individual Market Ready for Prime Time?Karen Pollitz, Richard Sorian Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
Falling Behind: Americans' Access to Medical Care Deteriorates, 2003-2007Peter J. Cunningham, Laurie E. Felland June 2008
Tracking Report No. 19
Financial and Health Burdens of Chronic Conditions GrowHa T. Tu, Genna R. Cohen April 2009
Tracking Report No. 24
Generosity and Adjusted Premiums in Job-Based Insurance: Hawaii is Up, Wyoming is DownJon R. Gabel, Roland McDevitt, Laura Gandolfo, Jeremy D. Pickreign, Samantha Hawkins, Cheryl Fahlman May/June 2006
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Health and the Cost of Nongroup InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky Fall 2003
Journal Article
Health Benefits in 2005: Premium Increases Slow Down, Coverage Continues to ErodeJon R. Gabel, Gary Claxton, Isadora Gil, Jeremy D. Pickreign, Heidi H. Whitmore, Benjamin Finder, Samantha Hawkins, Diane Rowland September/October 2005
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Health Benefits In 2006: Premium Increases Moderate, Enrollment In Consumer-Directed Health Plans Remains ModestGary Claxton, Jon R. Gabel, Isadora Gil, Jeremy D. Pickreign, Heidi H. Whitmore, Benjamin Finder, Samantha Hawkins Sept. 26, 2006
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Health Care Costs: June 1997
Issue Brief No. 10
Health Care Perceptions and ExperiencesJames D. Reschovsky, J. Lee Hargraves September 2000
Issue Brief No. 30
Health Insurance Expansions for Working FamiliesDanielle H. Ferry, Bowen Garrett, Sherry Gilied, Emily K. Greenman, Len M. Nichols July/August 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Health Spending:Paul B. Ginsburg January/February 1999
Health Affairs
Health System Change in 1997Paul B. Ginsburg July/August 1998
Health Affairs
High-Intensity Primary Care: Lessons for Physician and Patient EngagementTracy Yee, Amanda E. Lechner, Emily Carrier October 2012
NIHCR Research Brief No. 9
Hospital Quality Reporting: Separating the Signal from the NoiseEmily Carrier, Dori A. Cross April 2013
NIHCR Policy Analysis No. 11

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