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Private Coverage

HSC research examines trends in private insurance coverage—both employer-sponsored group coverage and non-group, or individual, coverage.

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Title Date Document Info  
Recent Trends in Children's Health InsurancePeter J. Cunningham, Michael H. Park April 2000
Issue Brief No. 29
Rhetoric vs. Reality: Employer Views on Consumer-Driven Health CareSally Trude, Leslie Jackson Conwell July 2004
Issue Brief No. 86
Small Employers and Self-Insured Health Benefits: Too Small to Succeed?Tracy Yee, Jon B. Christianson, Paul B. Ginsburg July 2012
Issue Brief No. 138
Small Employers and Their Health Benefits, 1988-1996:Jon R. Gabel, Paul B. Ginsburg, Kelly A. Hunt September/October 1997
Health Affairs
Small Firms' Demand for Health Insurance: The Decision to Offer InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky Summer 2002
Journal Article
Snapshots of Change in Fifteen Communities:Debra J. Lipson, Jeanne M. De Sa Summer 1996
Health Affairs
Stand-Alone Health Insurance Tax Credits Aren't EnoughLeslie A. Jackson, Sally Trude July 2001
Issue Brief No. 41
Tax Credits and Purchasing Pools: Will This Marriage Work?Sally Trude, Paul B. Ginsburg April 2001
Issue Brief No. 36
Tax Credits and the Affordability of Individual Health InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky July 2002
Issue Brief No. 53
Supplementary Data
Tax-free But of Little AccountPaul B. Ginsburg Feb. 16, 2004
The Effect of Tax Credits for Nongroup Insurance on Health Spending by the UninsuredJames D. Reschovsky, Jack Hadley Feb. 25, 2004
Journal Article
Health Affairs
The Fraying Link Between Work and Health InsurancePeter J. Cunningham, Samantha Artiga, Karyn Schwartz November 2008
Kaiser Family Foundation Report
The Growing Financial Burden of Health Care: National and State Trends, 2001-2006Peter J. Cunningham March 25, 2010
Journal Article
Health Affairs
The Health Status of Workers Who Decline Employer-Sponsored Insurance:Linda J. Blumberg, Len M. Nichols November 2001
Health Affairs
The Nongroup Health Insurance Market: Short on Facts, Long on Opinions and Policy DisputesMark V. Pauly, Len M. Nichols Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
The Role of Employers in Community Health Care SystemsJon B. Christianson July/August 1998
Health Affairs
Tracking Health Care CostsPaul B. Ginsburg, Jeremy D. Pickreign Fall 1996
Health Affairs
Tracking Health Care Costs: January 1997
Issue Brief No. 06
Tracking Health Care Costs:Paul B. Ginsburg, Jeremy D. Pickreign July/August 1997
Health Affairs
Tracking Health Care Costs:Christopher Hogan, Paul B. Ginsburg, Jon R. Gabel November/December 2000
Health Affairs

Displaying items 61 to 80 of 104             1  2  3  [4]  5  6

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