Individual Health Insurance: Fact, Opinion and Policy

Conference Transcript
October 23, 2002

Washington, D.C.


Opening Remarks

Paul Ginsburg, HSC President

Session One - Overview Panel: The State of the Debate

Moderator: Paul Ginsburg

Panel Members:
Mark Pauly, University of Pennsylvania
Jack Hadley, The Urban Institute and HSC
Rob Cunningham, Health Affairs

Thomas R. Hefty, Blue Cross/Blue Shield United of Wisconsin
John Bertko, Humana

Session Two - What Doesn’t Work?

Panel Members:
Karen Politz, Georgetown University
Kathy Swartz, Harvard University
Mark Hall, Wake Forest University
Deborah Chollet, Mathematica Policy Research

David Nexon, Senate HELP Committee
Patrick Morrisey, House Energy and Commerce Committee

Session Three - What Works?

Moderator: John Iglehart, Health Affairs

Panel Members:
Katherine Baicker, Dartmouth College and NBER
Tom Miller, Cato Institute
Janet Trautwein, National Association of Health Underwriters
Bruce Abbe, Communicating for Agriculture

Elizabeth Fowler, Senate Finance Committee
Dean Rosen, Senate HELP Committee

Luncheon Address

Steven B. Larsen, Commissioner
Maryland Insurance Administration

Summary and Discussion

Len Nichols, Vice President