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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Despite Rapid Growth, Retail Clinic Use Remains Modest

November 2013 HSC Research Brief No. 29 Ellyn Boukus  

Competitive Albuquerque Health Insurance Market Gears Up for Coverage Boom

October 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ellyn Boukus  

Federal Exchange Option and Indecision on Medicaid Expansion Create Uncertainty for Richmond, Va., Market

October 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ellyn Boukus  

Long Island Follows Bumpy New York Road to National Health Reform

September 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ellyn Boukus  

Portland, Oregon: Health Insurance Market Geared Up for National Health Reforms

July 2013 RWJF Reform Community Report Ellyn Boukus  

The Surge in Urgent Care Centers: Emergency Department Alternative or Costly Convenience?

July 2013 HSC Research Brief No. 26 Ellyn Boukus  

Primary Care Workforce Shortages: Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Laws and Payment Policies

February 2013 NIHCR Research Brief No. 13 Ellyn Boukus  

U.S. Families' Use of Workplace Clinics, 2007-2010

October 2012 NIHCR Research Brief No. 10 Ellyn Boukus  

Dispelling Myths About Emergency Department Use: Majority of Medicaid Visits Are for Urgent or More Serious Symptoms

July 2012 HSC Research Brief No. 23 Ellyn Boukus  

Americans' Access to Prescription Drugs Stabilizes, 2007-2010

December 2011 Tracking Report No. 27 Ellyn Boukus  

Transmitting and Processing Electronic Prescriptions: Experiences of Physician Practices and Pharmacies

Nov. 21, 2011 Journal Article Ellyn Boukus  

Mixed Signals: Trends in Americans' Access to Medical Care, 2007-2010

August 2011 Tracking Report No. 25 Ellyn Boukus  

Physician Practices, E-Prescribing and Accessing Information to Improve Prescribing Decisions

May 2011 HSC Research Brief No. 20 Ellyn Boukus  

Follow the Money: Factors Associated with the Cost of Treating High-Cost Medicare Beneficiaries

Feb. 11, 2011 Journal Article Ellyn Boukus  

Workplace Clinics: A Sign of Growing Employer Interest in Wellness

December 2010 HSC Research Brief No. 17 Ellyn Boukus  

Physicians Slow to E-mail Routinely with Patients

October 2010 Issue Brief No. 134 Ellyn Boukus  

Modest and Uneven: Physician Efforts to Reduce Racial and Ethnic Disparities

February 2010 Issue Brief No. 130 Ellyn Boukus  

A Snapshot of U.S. Physicians: Key Findings from the 2008 Health Tracking Physician Survey

September 2009 Data Bulletin No. 35 Ellyn Boukus  


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