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Issue Briefs

ssue Briefs are designed to provide readers with relatively short, analytical research results that are policy relevant. Issue Briefs include the broader context for the research and lay out the range of related policy implications. The publications offer original HSC research results, summarize and make more accessible HSC research results that appear in peer-reviewed journals or report HSC conference proceedings. Most of the Issue Briefs are based on data from the CTS household, physician and employer surveys, CTS Site Visits or the Health Tracking Household and Physician Surveys.

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Title Date Document Info  
An Update on the Community Tracking Study: February 1999 Issue Brief No. 18  
Wall Street Comes to Washington: December 1998 Issue Brief No. 17  
Public Health Departments Adapt to Medicaid Managed Care November 1998 Issue Brief No. 16  
The Uninsured Getting Care: September 1998 Issue Brief No. 15  
CHIPing Away at the Problem of Uninsured Children August 1998 Issue Brief No. 14  
Managed Care Woes: May 1998 Issue Brief No. 13  
Next Steps in Incremental Health Insurance Expansions: April 1998 Issue Brief No. 12  
Will Hospital Report Cards Make the Grade? July 1997 Issue Brief No. 11  
Health Care Costs: June 1997 Issue Brief No. 10  
Patients, Profits and Health System Change: May 1997 Issue Brief No. 09  
Access to Health Care: April 1997 Issue Brief No. 08  
An Inadequate Supply of Qualified People Will Slow the Pace of Health System Change March 1997 Issue Brief No. 07  
Tracking Health Care Costs: January 1997 Issue Brief No. 06  
A Primer on Understanding Health Care Cost Trends: December 1996 Issue Brief No. 05  
Policy Implications of Risk Selection in Medicare HMOs: November 1996 Issue Brief No. 04  
Medicaid Eligibility Policy and the Crowding-Out Effect: October 1996 Issue Brief No. 03  
Tracking Changes in the Public Health System: September 1996 Issue Brief No. 02  
The Community Tracking Study: August 1996 Issue Brief No. 01  
Displaying items 121 to 138 of 138              1    2    3   [4]

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