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Issue Briefs

ssue Briefs are designed to provide readers with relatively short, analytical research results that are policy relevant. Issue Briefs include the broader context for the research and lay out the range of related policy implications. The publications offer original HSC research results, summarize and make more accessible HSC research results that appear in peer-reviewed journals or report HSC conference proceedings. Most of the Issue Briefs are based on data from the CTS household, physician and employer surveys, CTS Site Visits or the Health Tracking Household and Physician Surveys.

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Title Date Document Info  
The Individual Health Insurance Market December 2002 Issue Brief No. 58  
Cutting Back But Not Cutting Out October 2002 Issue Brief No. 56  
The Role of Health Insurance Brokers October 2002 Issue Brief No. 57  
Growing Physician Access Problems Complicate Medicare Payment Debate September 2002 Issue Brief No. 55  
Wall Street Comes to Washington July 2002 Issue Brief No. 54  
Tax Credits and the Affordability of Individual Health Insurance July 2002 Issue Brief No. 53  
Reversal of Fortune: Medicare+Choice Collides with Market Forces May 2002 Issue Brief No. 52  
Prescription Drug Access: Not Just a Medicare Problem April 2002 Issue Brief No. 51  
Options for Expanding Health Insurance for People with Chronic Conditions February 2002 Issue Brief No. 50  
Triple Jeopardy: Low Income, Chronically Ill and Uninsured in America February 2002 Issue Brief No. 49  
Physicians More Likely to Face Quality Incentives than Incentives That May Restrain Care January 2002 Issue Brief No. 48  
Premium Subsidies for Employer-Sponsored Health Coverage December 2001 Issue Brief No. 47  
Employer Health Insurance Premium Subsidies Unlikely to Enhance Coverage Significantly December 2001 Issue Brief No. 46  
Consumers Face Higher Costs As Health Plans Seek to Control Drug Spending November 2001 Issue Brief No. 45  
Communities Play Key Role in Extending Public Health Insurance to Children October 2001 Issue Brief No. 44  
Wall Street Comes to Washington: September 2001 Issue Brief No. 43  
Physicians Pulling Back from Charity Care August 2001 Issue Brief No. 42  
Stand-Alone Health Insurance Tax Credits Aren't Enough July 2001 Issue Brief No. 41  
Health Plan-Provider Showdowns on the Rise June 2001 Issue Brief No. 40  
Provider Network Instability: Implications for Choice, Costs and Continuity of Care June 2001 Issue Brief No. 39  
Emergency Room Diversions: A Symptom of Hospitals Under Stress May 2001 Issue Brief No. 38  
Defined Contributions: The Search for a New Vision April 2001 Issue Brief No. 37  
Tax Credits and Purchasing Pools: Will This Marriage Work? April 2001 Issue Brief No. 36  
Back To The Future? New Cost and Access Challenges Emerge February 2001 Issue Brief No. 35  
Race, Ethnicity and Preventive Services: January 2001 Issue Brief No. 34  
At the Brink: December 2000 Issue Brief No. 33  
Are Defined Contributions a New Direction for Employer-Sponsored Coverage? October 2000 Issue Brief No. 32  
Wall Street Comes to Washington: September 2000 Issue Brief No. 31  
Health Care Perceptions and Experiences September 2000 Issue Brief No. 30  
Recent Trends in Children's Health Insurance April 2000 Issue Brief No. 29  
Do HMOs Make a Difference? March 2000 Issue Brief No. 28  
Who Has a Choice of Health Plans? February 2000 Issue Brief No. 27  
Insolvency and Challenges of Regulating Providers that Bear Risk February 2000 Issue Brief No. 26  
Local Innovations Provide Managed Care for the Uninsured January 2000 Issue Brief No. 25  
The Scope of Care Expected of Primary Care Physicians: December 1999 Issue Brief No. 24  
Tracking Health Care Costs: November 1999 Issue Brief No. 23  
Who Declines Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance and Is Uninsured? October 1999 Issue Brief No. 22  
Wall Street Comes to Washington: September 1999 Issue Brief No. 21  
How Physician Organizations Are Responding to Managed Care May 1999 Issue Brief No. 20  
Managed Care Cost Pressures Threaten Access for the Uninsured March 1999 Issue Brief No. 19  
Displaying items 81 to 120 of 138              1    2   [3]   4

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