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Health Care Markets

Ultimately, all health care is organized and delivered at ground level-in local communities-where HSC collects information about the changing health system. HSC research provides perspectives on the role of employers/consumers, health plans, hospitals and physicians in local health care markets.

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Title Date Document†Info  
Do Consumers Know How Their Health Plan Works?Peter J. Cunningham, Charles Denk, Michael Sinclair March/April 2001
Health Affairs
Back To The Future? New Cost and Access Challenges EmergeCara S. Lesser, Paul B. Ginsburg February 2001
Issue Brief No. 35
Race, Ethnicity and Preventive Services:J. Lee Hargraves January 2001
Issue Brief No. 34
At the Brink:Linda R. Brewster, Paul B. Ginsburg December 2000
Issue Brief No. 33
Tracking Health Care Costs:Christopher Hogan, Paul B. Ginsburg, Jon R. Gabel November/December 2000
Health Affairs
Update on the Nationís Health Care System:Cara S. Lesser, Paul B. Ginsburg November/December 2000
Health Affairs
Are Defined Contributions a New Direction for Employer-Sponsored Coverage?Sally Trude, Paul B. Ginsburg October 2000
Issue Brief No. 32
Defining "Defined Contributions": October 10, 2000
Conference Transcript
Wall Street Comes to Washington: September 2000
Issue Brief No. 31
Health Care Perceptions and ExperiencesJames D. Reschovsky, J. Lee Hargraves September 2000
Issue Brief No. 30
Withering on the Vine:Jon R. Gabel, Paul B. Ginsburg, Heidi H. Whitmore, Jeremy D. Pickreign September/October 2000
Health Affairs
Who Is Likely to Switch Health Plans?Peter J. Cunningham, Linda T. Kohn July 2000
Data Bulletin No. 18
Patients Concerned About Insurer InfluencesJ. Lee Hargraves June 2000
Data Bulletin No. 17
Wall Street Analysts Bullish on Managed Care, Bearish on Revolution Health Care Information Technology June 22, 2000
Conference Executive Summary
Fifth Annual Wall Street Comes to Washington: June 21, 2000
Conference Transcript
Whatís the Difference Between HMOs and Non-HMOs?: National Survey of Consumers Finds Limited Disparities with Non-HMO Plans March 16, 2000
Conference Executive Summary
Why People Change Their Health Care ProvidersMarie C. Reed May 2000
Data Bulletin No. 16
Health Plan Switching:Peter J. Cunningham, Linda T. Kohn May/June 2000
Health Affairs
Are Focused Factories the Wave of the Future?Paul B. Ginsburg Spring 2000
Frontiers of Health Services Management
Does Type of Health Insurance Affect Health Care Use and Assessments of Care Among the Privately Insured?James D. Reschovsky, Peter Kemper, Ha T. Tu April 2000
Health Services Research

Displaying items 221 to 240 of 333             << • 11  12  13  14  15  16  17

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