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Journal Articles

bstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles authored by HSC staff members and outside researchers are provided on the web site. To obtain a full copy of the article, please contact the corresponding journal. An e-mail link to the related journal is at the bottom of each abstract for your convenience.

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Title Date Document Info  
Delivery of Preventive Services to Older Adults by Primary Care Physicians July 27, 2005 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Geography and Destiny: Local-Market Perspectives on Developing Medicare Advantage Regional Plans July/August 2005 Health Affairs  
Access and Quality: Does Rural America Lag Behind? July/August 2005 Health Affairs  
Tracking Health Care Costs: Declining Growth Trend Pauses in 2004 June 21, 2005 Health Affairs  
Medicaid Cost Containment and Access to Prescription Drugs May/June 2005 Health Affairs  
Health Center Trends, 1994-2001: What do They Portend for the Federal Growth Initiative? March/April 2005 Health Affairs  
Health Care Market Trends and the Evolution of Hospitalist Use and Roles February 2005 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
The Paradoxical Politics of Provider Reempowerment December 2004 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law  
Community Responses to National Healthcare Firms December 2004 Journal of Health and Social Behavior  
As the Health Insurance Underwriting Cycle Turns: What Next? November/December 2004 Health Affairs  
Availability of Safety Net Providers and Access to Care of Uninsured Persons October 2004 Health Services Research  
Children's Health Coverage: A Quarter-Century of Change September/October 2004 Health Affairs  
Managed Care Rebound? Recent Changes in Health Plans' Cost Containment Strategies Aug. 11, 2004 Health Affairs  
Primary Care Doctors Who Treat Blacks and Whites Aug. 5, 2004 New England Journal of Medicine  
Expanding Care Versus Expanding Coverage: How to Improve Access to Care July/August 2004 Health Affairs  
Changes in Medicaid Physician Fees, 1998-2003: Implications For Physician Participation June 23, 2004 Health Affairs  
Tracking Health Care Costs: Trends Turn Downward in 2003 June 9, 2004 Health Affairs  
How Prepared are Americans for Public Health Emergencies? Twelve Communities Weigh In May/June 2004 Health Affairs  
Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is Waning March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
The Puzzling Popularity of the PPO March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Financial Pressures Spur Physician Entrepreneurialism March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Growth of Single-Specialty Medical Groups March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
What is Driving Hospitals' Patient-Safety Efforts? March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Popular Medicaid Programs do Battle with State Budget Pressures: Perspectives from Twelve States March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
Medicaid Managed Care: The Last Bastion of the HMO? March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
The Effect of Tax Credits for Nongroup Insurance on Health Spending by the Uninsured Feb. 25, 2004 Health Affairs  
Physicians' Views Of Formularies: Implications For Medicare Drug Benefit Design January/February 2004 Health Affairs  
Health and the Cost of Nongroup Insurance Fall 2003 Inquiry  
Does U.S. Hospital Capacity Need to be Expanded? November/December 2003 Health Affairs  
Focused Factories? Physician-owned Specialty Facilities November/December 2003 Health Affairs,  
Can Hospitals and Physicians Shift the Effects of Cuts in Medicare Reimbursement to Private Payers? Oct. 8, 2003 Health Affairs  
Benefits of and Barriers to Large Medical Group Practice in the United States Sept. 8 2003 Archives of Internal Medicine  
SCHIP Making Progress: Increased Take-up Contributes to Coverage Gains July/August 2003 Health Affairs  
Referral Gridlock: Primary Care Physicians and Mental Health Services June 2003 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
The Contribution of Insurance Coverage and Community Resources to Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Care June 2003 Health Services Research,  
The End of an Era: What Became of the "Managed Care Revolution" in 2001? Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
An Empty Toolbox? Changes in Health Plans' Approaches for Managing Costs and Care Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Medicare Contracting Risk/Medicare Risk Contracting: A Life-Cycle View from Twelve Markets Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
The Resilience of the Health Care Safety Net, 1996-2001 Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Managing Costs, Managing Benefits: Employer Decisions in Local Health Care Markets Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Displaying items 121 to 160 of 253              1    2    3   [4]   5    6    7

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