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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Strategies to Enhance Price and Quality Competition in Health Care: Lessons Learned from Tracking Local Markets

June 2006 Journal Article Cara Lesser  

A Decade of Tracking Health System Change

March 2006 Commentary No. 2 Cara Lesser  

Initial Findings from HSC's 2005 Site Visits: Stage Set for Growing Health Care Cost and Access Problems

August 2005 Issue Brief No. 97 Cara Lesser  

Dynamic Orange County Health Care Market Responds to Opportunities

August 2005 Community Report No. 5 Cara Lesser  

Community Responses to National Healthcare Firms

December 2004 Journal Article Cara Lesser  

Health Care Cost and Access Problems Intensify

Initial Findings From HSC's Recent Site Visits
May 2003 Issue Brief No. 63 Cara Lesser  

The End of an Era: What Became of the "Managed Care Revolution" in 2001?

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Cara Lesser  

The Resilience of the Health Care Safety Net, 1996-2001

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Cara Lesser  

Cutting Back But Not Cutting Out

Small Employers Respond to Premium Increases
October 2002 Issue Brief No. 56 Cara Lesser  

Recent Developments in Health Care Markets and Policy Implications

Sept. 9, 2002 Cara Lesser  

The Changing Face of Managed Care

January/February 2002 Cara Lesser  

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance:

Pressing Problems, Incremental Changes
January/February 2002 Cara Lesser  

Emergency Room Diversions: A Symptom of Hospitals Under Stress

May 2001 Issue Brief No. 38 Cara Lesser  

Back To The Future? New Cost and Access Challenges Emerge

Initial Findings from HSC's Recent Site Visits
February 2001 Issue Brief No. 35 Cara Lesser  

Increased Consolidation Raises Concerns

Cleveland, Ohio
Fall 2000 Community Report No. 02 Cara Lesser  

Update on the Nationís Health Care System:

Results from Tracking Change in 12 Communities, 1997-1999
November/December 2000 Cara Lesser  

Insolvency and Challenges of Regulating Providers that Bear Risk

February 2000 Issue Brief No. 26 Cara Lesser  

Local Innovations Provide Managed Care for the Uninsured

January 2000 Issue Brief No. 25 Cara Lesser  

Consolidation Continues, Financial Pressures Mount:

Northern New Jersey
Spring 1999 Community Report No. 12 Cara Lesser  

Integration Strategies Unravel, Competition Intensifies:

Seattle, Washington
Winter 1999 Community Report No. 06 Cara Lesser  

Ownership Changes Set Market in Flux:

Phoenix, Arizona
Spring 1999 Community Report No. 09 Cara Lesser  

Managed Care and Physicians' Provision of Charity Care

March 24-31, 1999 Cara Lesser  

Access to Care:

Is it Improving or Declining?
Fall 1997 Data Bulletin No. 01 Cara Lesser  


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