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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Health Plan Pay-for-Performance Strategies

September 2006 Journal Article Sally Trude  

Consumer-Directed Health Insurance Products: Local-Market Perspectives

May/June 2006 Journal Article Sally Trude  

Syracuse Faces Rising Health Costs; Hospital Competition Grows

October 2005 Community Report No. 9 Sally Trude  

Community Quality Efforts Expand as Seattle Health Plan Products Evolve

September 2005 Community Report No. 7 Sally Trude  

Rapid Population Growth Outpaces Phoenix Health System Capacity

September 2005 Community Report No. 6 Sally Trude  

Leadership Changes Reinvigorate Cleveland's Health Care Market

June 2005 Community Report No. 1 Sally Trude  

An Update on Medicare Beneficiary Access to Physician Services

February 2005 Issue Brief No. 93 Sally Trude  

Rhetoric vs. Reality: Employer Views on Consumer-Driven Health Care

July 2004 Issue Brief No. 86 Sally Trude  

Employers Shift Rising Health Care Costs to Workers: No Long-term Solution in Sight

May 2004 Issue Brief No. 83 Sally Trude  

Patient Cost-Sharing Innovations: Promises and Pitfalls

January 2004 Issue Brief No. 75 Sally Trude  

Patient Cost Sharing: How Much is Too Much?

December 2003 Issue Brief No. 72 Sally Trude  

Premium Hikes and Malpractice Insurance Disrupt Miami Health Care Market

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 11 Sally Trude  

Referral Gridlock: Primary Care Physicians and Mental Health Services

June 2003 Journal Article Sally Trude  

Cost Concerns Grow Despite New Health Plan Competition in Syracuse

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 7 Sally Trude  

So Much to Do, So Little Time: Physician Capacity Constraints, 1997-2001

May 2003 Tracking Report No. 8 Sally Trude  

Economic Downturn and State Budget Woes Overshadow Seattle Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 3 Sally Trude  

Managing Costs, Managing Benefits: Employer Decisions in Local Health Care Markets

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Sally Trude  

The Role of Public Employers in a Changing Health Care Market

Public Employers' Responses to Continued Premium Increases May Have Important Spillover Effects on Private Stakeholders
January/February 2003 Journal Article Sally Trude  

Growing Physician Access Problems Complicate Medicare Payment Debate

September 2002 Issue Brief No. 55 Sally Trude  

Obstacles to Employers' Pursuit of Health Care Quality

September/October 2002 Journal Article Sally Trude  

Who Do You Trust? Americans' Perspectives on Health Care, 1997-2001

August 2002 Tracking Report No. 3 Sally Trude  

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance:

Pressing Problems, Incremental Changes
January/February 2002 Sally Trude  

Minority Physicians' Experiences Obtaining Referrals to Specialists and Hospital Admissions

August 9, 2001 Sally Trude  

Does Managed Care Enable More Low Income Persons to Identify a Usual Source of Care?

Implications for Access to Care
July 2001 Sally Trude  

Stand-Alone Health Insurance Tax Credits Aren't Enough

July 2001 Issue Brief No. 41 Sally Trude  

Hospitals Profit from Aggressive Negotiations

Miami, Fla.
Summer 2001 Community Report No. 10 Sally Trude  

Hospitals Compete for Specialty Care

Greenville, S.C.
Spring 2001 Community Report No. 07 Sally Trude  

Defined Contributions: The Search for a New Vision

April 2001 Issue Brief No. 37 Sally Trude  

Tax Credits and Purchasing Pools: Will This Marriage Work?

April 2001 Issue Brief No. 36 Sally Trude  

Market Instability Puts Future of HMOs in Question

Seattle, Washington
Winter 2001 Community Report No. 03 Sally Trude  

Are Defined Contributions a New Direction for Employer-Sponsored Coverage?

October 2000 Issue Brief No. 32 Sally Trude  

Who Has a Choice of Health Plans?

February 2000 Issue Brief No. 27 Sally Trude  

Competition Intensifies After Proposed Merger Fails:

Greenville, South Carolina
Spring 1999 Community Report No. 11 Sally Trude  

Market Calm, but Change on the Horizon:

Miami, Florida
Spring 1999 Community Report No. 08 Sally Trude  


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