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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Geographic Variations in the Cost of Treating Condition-Specific Episodes of Care among Medicare Patients

July 5, 2013 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

The Relationship between Physician Compensation Strategies and the Intensity of Care Delivered to Medicare Beneficiaries

July 25, 2011 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Creating a Parsimonious Typology of Physician Financial Incentives

July 10, 2010 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Rapidity and Modality of Imaging for Acute Low Back Pain in Elderly Patients

May 25, 2009 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Effects of Compensation Methods and Physician Group Structure on Physicians' Perceived Incentives to Alter Services to Patients

April 2006 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Leaving Medicine: The Consequences of Physician Dissatisfaction

March 2006 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Physicians' Views Of Formularies: Implications For Medicare Drug Benefit Design

Doctor's opinions on formularies tend to vary with the amount of their practice revenues that comes from capitation.
January/February 2004 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Physicians and Care Management: More Acceptance than You Think

January 2003 Issue Brief No. 60 Bruce Landon  

Changes in Career Satisfaction Among Primary Care and Specialist Physicians, 1997-2001

Janurary 22, 2003 Journal Article Bruce Landon  

Personal, Organizational and Market Level Influences on Physicians' Practice Patterns

Results of a National Survey of Primary Care Physicians
August 2001 Bruce Landon  

Physicians' Assessments of Their Ability to Provide High Quality Care in a Changing Health Care System

March 2001 Bruce Landon  


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