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Research Reports

esearch Reports are publications primarily written by HSC researchers and funded by outside organizations. Research Reports are usually based on data from the Community Tracking Study household or physician surveys, site visits or Health Tracking Household or Physician Surveys.

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Title Date Document Info  
Arranged Marriages: The Evolution of ACO Partnerships in California September 2013  
Ready or Not: Are Health Care Safety Net Systems Prepared for Reform? June 2013  
Improving Access to Specialty Care for Medicaid Patients: Policy Issues and Options June 2013  
Medicare Spending Limits: Issues and Implications March 26, 2013  
Cost and Access Challenges: A Comparison of Experiences Between Uninsured and Privately Insured Adults Aged 55 to 64 with Seniors on Medicare May 2012  
Paying More for Primary Care: Can It Help Bend the Medicare Cost Curve? March 2012  
The Uninsured and Their Health Care Needs: How Have They Changed Since the Recession? October 2011  
Physician Willingness and Resources to Serve More Medicaid Patients: Perspectives from Primary Care Physicians April 27, 2011  
Managed Care in California: Cost Concerns Influence Product Design December 2009  
A Tighter Bond: California Hospitals Seek Stronger Ties with Physicians December 2009  
California's Safety Net: The Role of Counties in Overseeing Care December 2009  
Shifting Ground: Erosion of the Delegated Model in California December 2009  
How Does Health Coverage and Access to Care for Immigrants Vary by Length of Time in the U.S.? June 9, 2009  
Overburdened and Overwhelmed: The Struggles of Communities with High Medical Cost Burdens November 2007  
Analysis of Niche Hospitals in Texas and the Financial Impact on General Hospitals December 2006  
A Report on Medical Specialty Centers in Wyoming November 2006  
Health Coverage and Access to Care for Hispanics in New Growth Communities and Major Hispanic Centers Sept. 21, 2006  
Affording Prescription Drugs: Not Just a Problem for the Elderly April 2002  
Tracking Recent Changes in Health Coverage for Low-Income Children with the Community Tracking Study, 1996-1997 and 1998-1999 April 2000  
Staying in the Game: March 1999  
CHIPing Away at the Problem of Uninsured Children October 1998  
How Well Do Communities Perform on Access to Care for the Uninsured September 1998  
Displaying items 1 to 22 of 22             [1]

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