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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Medicaid Managed Care: The Last Bastion of the HMO?

March/April 2004 Journal Article Debra Draper  

Community Responses to National Healthcare Firms

December 2004 Journal Article Debra Draper  

The Transition from Managed Care to Consumerism: A Community-Level Status Report

September/October 2008 Journal Article Debra Draper  

Managed Care Redux: Health Plans Shift Responsibilities to Consumers

March 2004 Issue Brief No. 79 Debra Draper  

Hospital Strategies to Engage Physicians in Quality Improvement

October 2009 Issue Brief No. 127 Debra Draper  

Massachusetts Health Reform: High Costs and Expanding Expectations May Weaken Employer Support

October 2008 Issue Brief No. 124 Debra Draper  

Health and Wellness: The Shift from Managing Illness to Promoting Health

June 2008 Issue Brief No. 121 Debra Draper  

Hospital Emergency On-Call Coverage: Is There a Doctor in the House?

November 2007 Issue Brief No. 115 Debra Draper  

Health Care Cost and Access Challenges Persist

Initial Findings From HSC's 2007 Site Visits
October 2007 Issue Brief No. 114 Debra Draper  

Massachusetts Health Reform: Employers, Lower-Wage Workers and Universal Coverage

July 2007 Issue Brief No. 113 Debra Draper  

High-Performance Health Plan Networks: Early Experiences

May 2007 Issue Brief No. 111 Debra Draper  

Getting What We Pay For: Innovations Lacking in Provider Payment Reform for Chronic Disease Care

June 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 6 Debra Draper  

Public Health Workforce Shortages Imperil Nation's Health

April 16, 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 4 Debra Draper  

The Role of Nurses in Hospital Quality Improvement

March 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 3 Debra Draper  

Commercial Health Plans' Care Management Activities and the Impact on Costs, Quality and Outcomes

April 11, 2007 Congressional Testimony Debra Draper  

Health Care Cost Concerns Intensify in Little Rock

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 8 Debra Draper  

Rising Costs Pressure Employers, Consumers in Northern New Jersey Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 4 Debra Draper  

Financial Pressures Continue to Plague Hospitals

Northern New Jersey
Summer 2001 Community Report No. 12 Debra Draper  

Health Care Market Stabilizes, but Rising Costs and State Budget Woes Loom in Boston

Fall 2003 Community Report No. 12 Debra Draper  

Population Growth, Economic Downturn Stress Phoenix's Health Care Capacity

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 10 Debra Draper  

Hopes Dim for More Competition

Little Rock, Ark.
Spring 2001 Community Report No. 08 Debra Draper  

Rapid Population Growth Attracts National Firms

Phoenix, Arizona
Winter 2001 Community Report No. 04 Debra Draper  

Physician Performance Measurement: A Key to Higher Quality and Lower Cost Growth or a Lost Opportunity?

June 2009 Commentary No. 3 Debra Draper  

A Tighter Bond: California Hospitals Seek Stronger Ties with Physicians

December 2009 California HealthCare Foundation Issue Brief Debra Draper  

The Changing Face of Managed Care

January/February 2002 Debra Draper  


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