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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Safety Net Hospital Emergency Departments: Creating Safety Valves for Non-Urgent Care

May 2008 Issue Brief No. 120 Robert Hurley  

Public Health Workforce Shortages Imperil Nation's Health

April 16, 2008 HSC Research Brief No. 4 Robert Hurley  

Relief, Restoration and Reform: Economic Upturn Yields Modest and Uneven Health Returns

January 2008 Issue Brief No. 117 Robert Hurley  

Community Health Centers Tackle Rising Demands and Expectations

December 2007 Issue Brief No. 116 Robert Hurley  

Public Employees' Health Benefits Survive Major Threats, So Far

April 18, 2006 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Stretching the Safety Net to Serve Undocumented Immigrants: Community Responses to Health Needs

February 2006 Issue Brief No. 104 Robert Hurley  

A Widening Rift in Access and Quality: Growing Evidence of Economic Disparities

Dec. 6, 2005 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Blue Cross Influence Grows in Boston as State Revisits Reform Debates

December 2005 Community Report No. 11 Robert Hurley  

Balancing Margin and Mission: Hospitals Alter Billing and Collection Practices for Uninsured Patients

October 2005 Issue Brief No. 99 Robert Hurley  

Lansing's Calm Health Care Market Belies Increased Competition, Economic Doldrums

October 2005 Community Report No. 8 Robert Hurley  

Dynamic Orange County Health Care Market Responds to Opportunities

August 2005 Community Report No. 5 Robert Hurley  

Little Rock Providers Vie for Revenues, as High Health Care Costs Continue

July 2005 Community Report No. 3 Robert Hurley  

Geography and Destiny: Local-Market Perspectives on Developing Medicare Advantage Regional Plans

July/August 2005 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Paying for Quality: Health Plans Try Carrots Instead of Sticks

May 2004 Issue Brief No. 82 Robert Hurley  

Preferred Provider Organizations and Medicare: Is There an Advantage?

April 2004 Issue Brief No. 81 Robert Hurley  

Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is Waning

March/April 2004 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

The Puzzling Popularity of the PPO

March/April 2004 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Medicaid Managed Care: The Last Bastion of the HMO?

March/April 2004 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Getting Along or Going Along? Health Plan-Provider Contract Showdowns Subside

January 2004 Issue Brief No. 74 Robert Hurley  

Population Growth, Economic Downturn Stress Phoenix's Health Care Capacity

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 10 Robert Hurley  

HMOs Alive and Well in Orange County

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 9 Robert Hurley  

Market Developments Signal Cost Hikes in Greenville

Spring 2003 Community Report No. 6 Robert Hurley  

Bitter Contract Dispute Reaffirms Blues' Dominant Position in Lansing

Spring 2003 Community Report No. 5 Robert Hurley  

Intense Competition and Rising Costs Dominate Cleveland's Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 2 Robert Hurley  

An Empty Toolbox? Changes in Health Plans' Approaches for Managing Costs and Care

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Medicare Contracting Risk/Medicare Risk Contracting: A Life-Cycle View from Twelve Markets

Feb. 21, 2003 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Competition Revs Up the Indianapolis Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 1 Robert Hurley  

A Longitudinal Perspective on Health Plan-Provider Risk Contracting

July/August 2002 Journal Article Robert Hurley  

Reversal of Fortune: Medicare+Choice Collides with Market Forces

May 2002 Issue Brief No. 52 Robert Hurley  

The Changing Face of Managed Care

January/February 2002 Robert Hurley  

Consumers Face Higher Costs As Health Plans Seek to Control Drug Spending

November 2001 Issue Brief No. 45 Robert Hurley  

HMO Model Shaken but Remains Intact

Orange County, Calif.
Summer 2001 Community Report No. 09 Robert Hurley  

Health Plan-Provider Showdowns on the Rise

June 2001 Issue Brief No. 40 Robert Hurley  

Insurers Consolidate, Hospitals Struggle Financially

Syracuse, New York
Winter 2001 Community Report No. 05 Robert Hurley  

Provider Systems Thrive in Robust Economy

Indianapolis, Indiana
Fall 2000 Community Report No. 01 Robert Hurley  


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