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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

The Growing Power of Some Providers to Win Steep Payment Increases from Insurers Suggests Policy Remedies May be Needed

May 2012 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Hospitals' Geographic Expansion in Quest of Well-Insured Patients: Will the Outcome be Better Care, More Cost, or Both?

April 2012 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Rising Hospital Employment of Physicians: Better Quality, Higher Costs?

August 2011 Issue Brief No. 136 Robert Berenson  

Syracuse Health Care Market Works to Right-Size Hospital Capacity

August 2011 Community Report No. 9 Robert Berenson  

Economic Downturn Slows Phoenix's Once-Booming Health Care Market

July 2011 Community Report No. 8 Robert Berenson  

Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost Concerns

December 2010 Community Report No. 3 Robert Berenson  

Unchecked Provider Clout in California Foreshadows Challenges to Health Reform

Feb. 25, 2010 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

A Tighter Bond: California Hospitals Seek Stronger Ties with Physicians

December 2009 California HealthCare Foundation Issue Brief Robert Berenson  

Does Telemonitoring of Patients—The eICU—Improve Intensive Care?

Aug. 20, 2009 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Hospital-Physician Relations: Two Tracks and the Decline of the Voluntary Medical Staff Model

September/October 2008 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Health Plans Target Advanced Imaging Services

Cost, Quality and Safety Concerns Prompt Renewed Oversight
February 2008 Issue Brief No. 118 Robert Berenson  

Revising Medicare's Physician Fee Schedule—Much Activity, Little Change

March 22, 2007 Perspective Robert Berenson  

Hospital-Physician Relations: Cooperation, Competition or Separation?

Dec. 5, 2006 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Specialty-Service Lines: Salvos in the New Medical Arms Race

July 25, 2006 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Do Specialty Hospitals Promote Price Competition?

January 2006 Issue Brief No. 103 Robert Berenson  

Uninsured Patients, Malpractice Insurance Woes Stress Miami Health Care Market

December 2005 Community Report No. 12 Robert Berenson  

Can Money Buy Quality? Physician Response to Pay for Performance

December 2005 Issue Brief No. 102 Robert Berenson  

Rising Pressure: Hospital Emergency Departments as Barometers of the Health Care System

Nov. 18, 2005 Issue Brief No. 101 Robert Berenson  

Urban-Suburban Hospital Disparities Grow in Northern New Jersey

August 2005 Community Report No. 4 Robert Berenson  

Health Care Market Trends and the Evolution of Hospitalist Use and Roles

February 2005 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is Waning

March/April 2004 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Financial Pressures Spur Physician Entrepreneurialism

March/April 2004 Journal Article Robert Berenson  

Health Care Market Stabilizes, but Rising Costs and State Budget Woes Loom in Boston

Fall 2003 Community Report No. 12 Robert Berenson  

Medical Malpractice Liability Crisis Meets Markets: Stress in Unexpected Places

September 2003 Issue Brief No. 68 Robert Berenson  

HMOs Alive and Well in Orange County

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 9 Robert Berenson  

Bitter Contract Dispute Reaffirms Blues' Dominant Position in Lansing

Spring 2003 Community Report No. 5 Robert Berenson  

Competition Revs Up the Indianapolis Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 1 Robert Berenson  


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