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Journal Articles

bstracts of peer-reviewed journal articles authored by HSC staff members and outside researchers are provided on the web site. To obtain a full copy of the article, please contact the corresponding journal. An e-mail link to the related journal is at the bottom of each abstract for your convenience.

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Title Date Document Info  
A Changing Picture of Uncompensated Care July/August 1997 Health Affairs  
A Comparison of Two Approaches to Increasing Access to Care: Expanding Coverage Versus Increasing Physician Fees Feb. 3, 2012 Health Services Research  
A Longitudinal Perspective on Health Plan-Provider Risk Contracting July/August 2002 Health Affairs  
A Widening Rift in Access and Quality: Growing Evidence of Economic Disparities Dec. 6, 2005 Health Affairs  
Ability to Obtain Medical Care for the Uninsured September 9, 1998 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Access and Quality: Does Rural America Lag Behind? July/August 2005 Health Affairs  
Accountable Communities: July/August 1998 Health Affairs  
Achieving Health Care Cost Containment Through Provider Payment Reform that Engages Patients and Providers May 2013 Health Affairs  
After-Hours Access to Primary Care Practices Linked with Lower Emergency Department Use and Less Unmet Medical Need Dec. 12, 2012 Health Affairs  
After-Hours Care and its Coordination with Primary Care in the U.S. June 4, 2012 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
An Empty Toolbox? Changes in Health Plans' Approaches for Managing Costs and Care Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Are Electronic Medical Records Helpful for Care Coordination? Experiences of Physician Practices Dec. 29, 2009 Journal of General Internal Medicine  
Are Focused Factories the Wave of the Future? Spring 2000 Frontiers of Health Services Management  
Are HMO Enrollees Healthier Than Others? Results from the Community Tracking Study May/June 2002 Health Affairs  
Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is Waning March/April 2004 Health Affairs  
As the Health Insurance Underwriting Cycle Turns: What Next? November/December 2004 Health Affairs  
Assessments of Medical Care by Enrollees in For-Profit and Nonprofit Health Maintenance Organizations April 25, 2002 New England Journal of Medicine  
Association Leaders Speak Out on Health System Change January/February 1997 Health Affairs  
Availability of Safety Net Providers and Access to Care of Uninsured Persons October 2004 Health Services Research  
Back to the Drawing Board: New Directions in Health Plans' Care Management Strategies September/October 2002 Health Affairs  
Benefits of and Barriers to Large Medical Group Practice in the United States Sept. 8 2003 Archives of Internal Medicine  
Beyond Parity: Primary Care Physicians' Perspectives on Access to Mental Health Care April 14, 2009 Health Affairs  
Can Hospitals and Physicians Shift the Effects of Cuts in Medicare Reimbursement to Private Payers? Oct. 8, 2003 Health Affairs  
Care Coordination Agreements: Barriers, Facilitators and Lessons Learned November 2012 American Journal of Managed Care  
Care Patterns in Medicare and Their Implications for Pay for Performance March 15, 2007 New England Journal of Medicine  
Caught in the Competitive Crossfire: Safety-Net Providers Balance Margin and Mission in a Profit-Driven Health Care Market Aug. 12, 2008 Health Affairs  
Changes in Career Satisfaction Among Primary Care and Specialist Physicians, 1997-2001 Janurary 22, 2003 Journal of the American Medical Association  
Changes in Health Plans Serving Medicaid, 1993-1996 September/October 1997 Health Affairs  
Changes in Hospital Competitive Strategy: A New Medical Arms Race? Feb. 21, 2003 Health Services Research  
Changes in Medicaid Physician Fees, 1998-2003: Implications For Physician Participation June 23, 2004 Health Affairs  
Changes in Scope of Care Provided by Primary Care Physicians December 23, 1999 The New England Journal of Medicine  
Children's Health Coverage: A Quarter-Century of Change September/October 2004 Health Affairs  
Choosing a Health Plan: November/December 1997 Health Affairs  
Community Approaches to Providing Care for the Uninsured April 11, 2006 Health Affairs  
Community Responses to National Healthcare Firms December 2004 Journal of Health and Social Behavior  
Competition in Health Care: Its Evolution Over the Past Decade November/December 2005 Health Affairs  
Competition, Quality of Care and the Role of the Consumer 1998 The Milbank Quarterly  
Construction Activity in U.S. Hospitals May/June 2006 Health Affairs  
Consumer Beliefs and Health Plan Performance June 2002 Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law  
Consumer-Directed Health Care: Promise and Performance Jan. 27, 2009 Health Affairs  
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