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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Would Safety-Net Expansions Offset Reduced Access Resulting from Lost Insurance Coverage? Race/Ethnicity Differences

November/December 2006 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

Delivery of Preventive Services to Older Adults by Primary Care Physicians

July 27, 2005 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

High Cost of Medical Care Prompts Consumers to Seek Alternatives

December 2004 Data Bulletin No. 28 J. Hargraves  

Trends in Health Insurance Coverage and Access Among Black, Latino and White Americans, 2001-2003

October 2004 Tracking Report No. 11 J. Hargraves  

Primary Care Doctors Who Treat Blacks and Whites

Aug. 5, 2004 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

Prescription Drug Access Disparities Among Working-Age Americans

December 2003 Issue Brief No. 73 J. Hargraves  

HMOs Alive and Well in Orange County

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 9 J. Hargraves  

Unequal Access: African-American Medicare Beneficiaries and the Prescription Drug Gap

July 2003 Issue Brief No. 64 J. Hargraves  

The Contribution of Insurance Coverage and Community Resources to Reducing Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Access to Care

June 2003 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

Bitter Contract Dispute Reaffirms Blues' Dominant Position in Lansing

Spring 2003 Community Report No. 5 J. Hargraves  

Seeking Health Care Information: Most Consumers Still on the Sidelines

March 2003 Issue Brief No. 61 J. Hargraves  

Competition Revs Up the Indianapolis Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 1 J. Hargraves  

Back in the Driver's Seat: Specialists Regaining Autonomy

January 2003 Tracking Report No. 7 J. Hargraves  

Obstacles to Employers' Pursuit of Health Care Quality

September/October 2002 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

The Insurance Gap and Minority Health Care, 1997-2001

June 2002 Tracking Report No. 2 J. Hargraves  

Consumer Beliefs and Health Plan Performance

It's Not Whether You Are in an HMO But Whether You Think You Are
June 2002 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

Does Career Dissatisfaction Affect the Ability of Family Physicians to Deliver High-Quality Care?

March 2002 Journal Article J. Hargraves  

Managed Care in the Doctor's Office:

Has the Revolution Stalled?
November 2001 J. Hargraves  

Managed Care, Professional Autonomy, and Income:

Effects on Physician Career Satisfaction
October 2001 J. Hargraves  

Racial and Ethnic Differences in Access to Medical Care in Managed Care Plans

October 2001 J. Hargraves  

Minority Physicians' Experiences Obtaining Referrals to Specialists and Hospital Admissions

August 9, 2001 J. Hargraves  

Highly Consolidated Market Poses Cost Control Challenges

Lansing, Mich.
Winter 2001 Community Report No. 06 J. Hargraves  

Race, Ethnicity and Preventive Services:

No Gains for Hispanics
January 2001 Issue Brief No. 34 J. Hargraves  

Provider Systems Thrive in Robust Economy

Indianapolis, Indiana
Fall 2000 Community Report No. 01 J. Hargraves  

Health Care Perceptions and Experiences

It's Not Whether You Are in an HMO, It's Whether You Think You Are
September 2000 Issue Brief No. 30 J. Hargraves  

Patients Concerned About Insurer Influences

June 2000 Data Bulletin No. 17 J. Hargraves  


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