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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

When Medicare Cuts Hospital Prices, Seniors Use Less Inpatient Care

October 2013 Journal Article Tracy Yee  

The Surge in Urgent Care Centers: Emergency Department Alternative or Costly Convenience?

July 2013 HSC Research Brief No. 26 Tracy Yee  

Primary Care Workforce Shortages: Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Laws and Payment Policies

February 2013 NIHCR Research Brief No. 13 Tracy Yee  

Emergency Preparedness and Community Coalitions: Opportunities and Challenges

November 2012 HSC Research Brief No. 24 Tracy Yee  

High-Intensity Primary Care: Lessons for Physician and Patient Engagement

October 2012 NIHCR Research Brief No. 9 Tracy Yee  

Small Employers and Self-Insured Health Benefits: Too Small to Succeed?

July 2012 Issue Brief No. 138 Tracy Yee  

Cost and Access Challenges: A Comparison of Experiences Between Uninsured and Privately Insured Adults Aged 55 to 64 with Seniors on Medicare

May 2012 Kaiser Family Foundation Issue Brief Tracy Yee  

The Growing Power of Some Providers to Win Steep Payment Increases from Insurers Suggests Policy Remedies May be Needed

May 2012 Journal Article Tracy Yee  

Indianapolis Hospital Systems Compete for Well-Insured, Suburban Patients

December 2011 Community Report No. 12 Tracy Yee  

Matching Supply to Demand: Addressing the U.S. Primary Care Workforce Shortage

December 2011 NIHCR Policy Analysis No. 7 Tracy Yee  

The Uninsured and Their Health Care Needs: How Have They Changed Since the Recession?

October 2011 Kaiser Family Foundation Report Tracy Yee  

Physicians Key to Health Maintenance Organization Popularity in Orange County

August 2011 Community Report No. 10 Tracy Yee  

Health Care Certificate-of-Need Laws: Policy or Politics?

May 2011 NIHCR Research Brief No. 4 Tracy Yee  

Greenville & Spartanburg: Surging Hospital Employment of Physicians Poses Opportunities and Challenges

February 2011 Community Report No. 6 Tracy Yee  

Coordination Between Emergency and Primary Care Physicians

February 2011 NIHCR Research Brief No. 3 Tracy Yee  

Little Rock Health Care Safety Net Stretched by Economic Downturn

January 2011 Community Report No. 5 Tracy Yee  

Seattle Hospital Competition Heats Up, Raising Cost Concerns

December 2010 Community Report No. 3 Tracy Yee  

Cleveland Hospital Systems Expand Despite Weak Economy

September 2010 Community Report No. 2 Tracy Yee  


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