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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Insurance Product Design and Its Effects

Trade-Offs Along the Managed Care Continuum
Summer 2002 Journal Article Peter Kemper  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Comparing Access, Service Use and Satisfaction Between Consumers in HMOs and Non-HMOs
March 2000 Issue Brief No. 28 Peter Kemper  

The Scope of Care Expected of Primary Care Physicians:

Is it Greater than it Should Be?
December 1999 Issue Brief No. 24 Peter Kemper  

The Uninsured Getting Care:

Where You Live Matters
September 1998 Issue Brief No. 15 Peter Kemper  

Health System Change in Twelve Communities

Case Studies
September 1997 Compilation of 1996-97 Site Visits Peter Kemper  

Monitoring Market Change: Findings from the Community Tracking Study:

The Community Tracking Study Analyses of Market Change: Introduction
April 2000 Peter Kemper  

Does Type of Health Insurance Affect Health Care Use and Assessments of Care Among the Privately Insured?

April 2000 Peter Kemper  

Ability to Obtain Medical Care for the Uninsured

September 9, 1998 Peter Kemper  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Summary and Implications
Winter 1999/2000 Peter Kemper  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Use of Health Services
Winter 1999/2000 Peter Kemper  

Do HMOs Make a Difference?

Winter 1999/2000 Peter Kemper  

Changes in Scope of Care Provided by Primary Care Physicians

December 23, 1999 Peter Kemper  

The Design of the Community Tracking Study:

A Longitudinal Study of Health System Change and Its Effects on People
Summer 1996 Peter Kemper  


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