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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

Physicians' Experience Using Commercial E-Prescribing Systems

April 3, 2007 Journal Article Anneliese Gerland  

Analysis of Niche Hospitals in Texas and the Financial Impact on General Hospitals

December 2006 Research Report Anneliese Gerland  

Hospitals' Responses to Nurse Staffing Shortages

June 26, 2006 Journal Article Anneliese Gerland  

Construction Activity in U.S. Hospitals

May/June 2006 Journal Article Anneliese Gerland  

The Community Safety Net and Prescription Drug Access for Low-Income, Uninsured People

April 2006 Issue Brief No. 105 Anneliese Gerland  

Public Employees' Health Benefits Survive Major Threats, So Far

April 18, 2006 Journal Article Anneliese Gerland  

Rising Pressure: Hospital Emergency Departments as Barometers of the Health Care System

Nov. 18, 2005 Issue Brief No. 101 Anneliese Gerland  

Growth Fuels Hospital Competition and Challenges Greenville Safety Net

November 2005 Community Report No. 10 Anneliese Gerland  

Urban-Suburban Hospital Disparities Grow in Northern New Jersey

August 2005 Community Report No. 4 Anneliese Gerland  

Leadership Changes Reinvigorate Cleveland's Health Care Market

June 2005 Community Report No. 1 Anneliese Gerland  


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