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Articles By Author

Title Date Document Info Author  

The Health Status of Workers Who Decline Employer-Sponsored Insurance:

Why do so Many Workers in Less-Than-Perfect Health Turn Down Their Employer's Offer of Health Coverage?
November 2001 Len Nichols  

The Health Care Cost-Coverage Conundrum

The Care We Want vs. The Care We Can Afford
Fall 2003 Annual Essay 2002-03 Len Nichols  

Health Care Market Stabilizes, but Rising Costs and State Budget Woes Loom in Boston

Fall 2003 Community Report No. 12 Len Nichols  

Little Rock Providers Vie for Revenues, as High Health Care Costs Continue

July 2005 Community Report No. 3 Len Nichols  

Rising Costs Pressure Employers, Consumers in Northern New Jersey Health Care Market

Winter 2003 Community Report No. 4 Len Nichols  

Health Care Cost Concerns Intensify in Little Rock

Summer 2003 Community Report No. 8 Len Nichols  

Association Health Plans and Alternative Ways to Increase Health Insurance Coverage Among Workers in Small Firms

Feb. 5, 2003 Congressional Testimony Len Nichols  

Increasing Stress on the U.S. Health Care System: Structural Crisis or Temporary?

March 10, 2003 Congressional Testimony Len Nichols  

Why Do Hispanics Have So Little Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance?

Fall 2007 Journal Article Len Nichols  

Worker Decisions to Purchase Health Insurance

September 2001 Journal Article Len Nichols  

Health Insurance Expansions for Working Families

A Comparison of Targeting Strategies
July/August 2002 Journal Article Len Nichols  

The Nongroup Health Insurance Market: Short on Facts, Long on Opinions and Policy Disputes

Oct. 23, 2002 Journal Article Len Nichols  

Are Market Forces Strong Enough to Deliver Efficient Health Care Systems? Confidence is Waning

March/April 2004 Journal Article Len Nichols  

Changes in Medicaid Physician Fees, 1998-2003: Implications For Physician Participation

Despite recent gains, the relative attractiveness of Medicaid patients has not improved much over the longer term
June 23, 2004 Journal Article Len Nichols  

The Effects of Medicaid Reimbursement on the Access to Care of Medicaid Enrollees: A Community Perspective

December 2005 Journal Article Len Nichols  

Hospital Payment Systems: Will Payers Like the Future Better than the Past?

January/February 2006 Journal Article Len Nichols  


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