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Insurance Coverage & Costs

HSC analyses focus on private and public insurance coverage, the uninsured and the cost of health care. HSC research provides insight into a range of topics, including how health care costs are changing, why the nation's number of uninsured continues to rise and how employer-sponsored coverage is changing.

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AllHSC PublicationsJournal ArticlesMost Popular  
Title Date Document Info  
Tax-free But of Little AccountPaul B. Ginsburg Feb. 16, 2004
Tracking Health Care Costs: Trends Slow in First Half of 2003Bradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg December 2003
Data Bulletin No. 26
Supplementary Data
Patient Cost Sharing: Promises and Pitfalls Dec. 3, 2003
Conference Transcript
Patient Cost Sharing: How Much is Too Much?Sally Trude December 2003
Issue Brief No. 72
Supplementary Data
Health and the Cost of Nongroup InsuranceJack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky Fall 2003
Journal Article
The Health Care Cost-Coverage ConundrumPaul B. Ginsburg, Len M. Nichols Fall 2003
Annual Essay 2002-03
SCHIP Making Progress: Increased Take-up Contributes to Coverage GainsPeter J. Cunningham July/August 2003
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Tracking Health Care Costs June 2003
Data Bulletin No. 25
Association Health Plans and Alternative Ways to Increase Health Insurance Coverage Among Workers in Small FirmsLen M. Nichols Feb. 5, 2003
Congressional Testimony
The Effects of SCHIP on Children's Health Insurance CoveragePeter J. Cunningham, Jack Hadley, James D. Reschovsky December 2002
Journal Article
Medical Care Research and Review
SCHIP, Medicaid Expansions Lead to Shifts in Children's CoveragePeter J. Cunningham, James D. Reschovsky, Jack Hadley December 2002
Issue Brief No. 59
Supplementary Data
The Individual Health Insurance Market December 2002
Issue Brief No. 58
Individual Health Insurance: Fact, Opinion and Policy October 23, 2002
Conference Transcript
Ensuring Health Security: Is the Individual Market Ready for Prime Time?Karen Pollitz, Richard Sorian Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
The Nongroup Health Insurance Market: Short on Facts, Long on Opinions and Policy DisputesMark V. Pauly, Len M. Nichols Oct. 23, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs,
Tracking Health Care Costs: Growth Accelerates Again in 2001Bradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg, Jon R. Gabel Sept. 25, 2002
Journal Article
Health Affairs
Aging Plays Limited Role in Health Care Cost TrendsBradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg September 2002
Data Bulletin No. 23
Tracking Health Care CostsBradley C. Strunk, Paul B. Ginsburg, Jon R. Gabel September 2002
Data Bulletin No. 22
Tracking Health Care Costs September 2002
Data Bulletin No. 22
Working Families' Health Insurance Coverage, 1997-2001Bradley C. Strunk, James D. Reschovsky August 2002
Tracking Report No. 4
Supplementary Data

Displaying items 101 to 120 of 207             1  2  3  4  5  [6]  7  8  9  10 • >>

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