Supplementary Table 4
Health Insurance Offerings by Employer Type, 1999

Government and large private firms almost universally offer health insurance coverage, but only about two out of three small-firm employees are offered coverage. Very few small-firm employees are offered a choice among health plans; half of large-firm employees and a substantial majority of government workers have a choice of plans.

Type of employer Percent of employees offered health insurance Percent of employees offered a choice of different health plans
Private firms with fewer than 50 employees * 65 16
Private firms with 50 or more employees * 95 50
Government 96 69

* All differences from government estimates are statistically significant at P<.05 level.

Source: HSC Community Tracking Study Household Survey, 1998-99

These results are linked to the analysis in Tu, Ha T. and Marie C. Reed, Options for Expanding Health Insurance for People with Chronic Conditions, Issue Brief No. 50, Center for Studying Health System Change, Washington, D.C. (February 2002).