Supplementary Table 3
Uninsured Working-Age Adults with Chronic Conditions: Extent of Access to Employer-Sponsored Insurance, 1999

Among uninsured working-age adults with chronic conditions, more than four out of five people lack access to employer-sponsored insurance, even though approximately half either are employed or have another family member employed.

Access to employer-sponsored insurance 18
No access to employer-sponsored insurance 82
   No one in family is employed 30
   At least one family member is employed, but no one
   offered or eligible for employer-sponsored coverage

Source: HSC Community Tracking Study Household Survey, 1998-99

These results are linked to the analysis in Tu, Ha T. and Marie C. Reed, Options for Expanding Health Insurance for People with Chronic Conditions, Issue Brief No. 50, Center for Studying Health System Change, Washington, D.C. (February 2002).