San Francisco Bay Area: Health Care Providers Shift Allegiances as Regional Networks Emerge

CHCF Regional Markets Issue Brief
December 2012
Ha T. Tu, Joy M. Grossman, Laurie E. Felland, Dori A. Cross

As part of the California Health Care Almanac project, the California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) funded HSC to conduct interviews in six California communities in 2011-12 to assess how the organization, financing and delivery of health care are changing, including preparations for health reform.

Health care providers in the San Francisco Bay Area weathered the economic downturn better than providers in most other areas of California, in large part because the downturn was less severe in the Bay Area. Still, a number of market trends and expected effects of health reform have pressured providers, leading to significant organizational change in the provider sector since the region was last studied in 2008. Key developments include:

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